The Guardian - Family - 13 Jan 2018

Table of content - The Guardian - Family (13 Jan 2018)

My grandfather finally returned from the second world war in 1981
Dougray Scott
People say, ‘Really?’
Tim Lott
I’ll do it my way
People accept that I’m gay, but not that I’m disabled
‘Are you going for No 2?’
My father, a pacifist who wanted Britain to lose the war
‘Are you going for No 2?’
My grandparents’ wartime wedding
Annalisa Barbieri
My summer as a ferryman
Tim Lott’s final Family column,
Empty nest? Not a chance
My sister, who shut me out for no reason
Dad’s Weetabix and clotted cream
We’d love to hear your stories
My family values
Tim Lott
From the home front

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