The Guardian - Review - 17 Oct 2020

Table of content - The Guardian - Review (17 Oct 2020)

Maus and more
Are you sitting comfortably?
‘I wrote in the evenings, after work, at weekends, in the middle of the night. The insomnia I’d been plagued with since childhood finally assumed a purpose.’
Failosophy: A Handbook For When Things Go Wrong by Elizabeth Day
Mantel Pieces by Hilary Mantel
Book of the week: Boris Johnson: The Gambler by Tom Bower
My Life in Red and White by Arsène Wenger
Reproduction by Ian Williams
Science fiction, fantasy and horror books of the month
Maggie O’Farrell on writing After You’d Gone, plus Tom Gauld
The week in books
Islands of Mercy by Rose Tremain
The books that made me by Curtis Sittenfeld
Love by Roddy Doyle
Olivette Otele
The poetry of Nobel prize winner Louise Glück
Art Spiegelman – a life in cartoons
The week in books 17 October
Herd immunity
‘I think about Yuval Noah Harari’s Sapiens every day’
‘I draw it wrong the right way’
The affairs, the lies … Boris Johnson is let off the hook in this account – it’s his father, Stanley, who’s the villain
‘Look at me now!’ A feel-good industry tells us failure is just a pathway to success. Is it?
From the witchcraft of ‘Hellish Nell’ to Princess Diana’s wedding dress – a masterclass in critical writing
{ Memoir } You’d never seen anything like it at Highbury ... but the long-term Arsenal manager is short on revelations
‘Discussions of cancel culture are very middle class. Activists just survive and support each other’
‘Discussions of cancel culture are very middle class. Activists just survive and support each other’
Two lives are revealed through one evening’s dialogue, in a skilful excavation of the sublime buried in the mundane
There are glimpses of Tremain at her best in this passionate tale of coloniser and colonised in the British empire
A prizewinning debut explores the long fallout after an affair across race and class divisions in Canada
{ SF, fantasy and horror } A new trilogy from the Witcher author, poignant stories, space opera and ghosts on Dartmoor Eric Brown
‘She never stops making demands on herself’
TELESCOPE by Louise Glück
‘I wrote at least 17 drafts of After You’d Gone’

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