The Guardian - Weekend - 1 Aug 2020

Table of content - The Guardian - Weekend (1 Aug 2020)

42 Romesh Ranganathan
12 Welcome to planet Zoom
31 Blind date 33 Jess Cartner-Morley 35 Sali Hughes
41 Hannah Jane Parkinson
5 Hadley Freeman 7 Tim Dowling 8 Q&A 11 Experience
38 Oliver Burkeman
40 Ask Annalisa Barbieri
36 Wishlist 37 Alys Fowler
24 Fifteen storeys under
Hadley Freeman
Tim Dowling
Nicholson Baker, author
I was Tupac Shakur’s pen pal
Doing time
The wardrobe remix
Double take
The bright stuff
Peas on earth
The best way to banish anxiety? Give your brain a break
Protein boosts fitness, but who wants to eat a kilo of chicken a day?
I’m terrified that I will die, leaving my son. How can I cope?
The joy of small things
Scenes from a midlife crisis

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