The Observer - Business and Media - 14 Feb 2010

Table of content - The Observer - Business and Media (14 Feb 2010)

EU braced to ride to rescue of Greece if euro sinks
Mobile firms consider handing back airwaves to ease merger
Barclays may spin off private equity arm in £100m deal
‘Double-counting’ of loft insulations undermines CO2 claims
Sellafield needs to learn lessons of Texas disaster, says nuclear boss
What price Fairtrade’s spreading more wealth among South Africa’s poor?
Current account
How the smartphone made Europe look stupid
Game on Mobile telecoms fair opens
We may feel smug at not being on board the euro, but its problems hurt us too
Ruth Sunderland
Hysteria or fetishism? There’s certainly no deficit of gloom
William Keegan
Xstrata’s big boss with bigger ambitions
Trinity gambles on Guardian’s regional riches
Press and Broadcasting
Exterminate! Luke lays into the BBC
John Naughton
Expenses: give ’em enough old rope …
Low prices let glossies put polish on sales
Buzz makes Google look more like Microsoft every day
Living together or tied the knot? It’s not all hearts and flowers
What if your child became seriously ill?
Will estate agents shake the Hips?
Margaret Dibben
Returning my car proved a damage limitation exercise

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