The Observer Food Monthly - 19 Jul 2020

Table of content - The Observer Food Monthly (19 Jul 2020)

Nigel Slater
Jay Rayner
Len & Alex Deighton’s Mexican Cookstrips
My favourite things
My life on a plate
Roast lamb with summer herbs and lemon
There’s a roast in my house…
Baked sea bass, courgette and spinach stuffing
Roast spiced potatoes, beetroot raita
Peppers with a dressing of their roasting juices, lentils and basil
Apricot and rosewater ice-cream
Aromatic fish noodle soup and chana dal crackers
Kyet thar thoke
Khayan jin thee thoke
Stuffed aubergine curry
Mango, lime and coconut meringues
Watermelon with fried halloumi and za’atar
Broad bean, dill and tomato salad
Jellied chicken and cucumber salad
Garlic and lemongrass bavette steak, watercress and rice noodle salad
Charred courgette, white bean, walnut and mint salad
Life lessons from my grandparents’ kitchen
Encore for the vineyard diva
Domaine ChavyChouet Bourgogne Rouge La Taupe
Villa Wolf Pinot Noir
Taste the Difference Pinot Noir
Viña Ventisquero Kalfu Kuda Pinot Noir
Te Whare Ra Pinot Noir
Chanin Wine Company Santa Barbara County Pinot Noir
Rachel Cooke
Next month

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