The Observer Magazine - 18 Oct 2020

Table of content - The Observer Magazine (18 Oct 2020)

Curl power
‘I’m pretty laid-back’
Dogs in lockdown
Hot flush
In this is issue e
Resilience is now a buzzword, but is it an overrated quality?
From the archive
One more thing…
TIkhmnisou wch
‘Hair became a form of healing’
‘Hair became a form of healing’
‘I feared my colourful 90s life had caught up with me’
The dogs of woe
Puppy breeders hoiked up their prices to meet the demand
The not-so secret lives of others
‘There’s no diary I’ve read that doesn’t have an incredible story to tell’
When veg is a little past its best, bring it back to life…
When veg is a little past its best, bring it back to life…
The celery stalks take on a silky quality and absorb flavour from the poaching water’s bay and onion
Nigel’s midweek dinner
Rough-plaster walls, piped music and an irritating name can’t dull the zingingly tasty Korean cuisine
Notes on chocolate
Wines of the week
Trend watchth HowH sweatpantsttpt becameb a hot fashion look
Sole mates
I can’t do without...
On my radar
Go one step up from the nomakeup look
Bohemian rhapsody
Moss will give you a green lift all year round
Plot 29
Blaze of glory
Blaze of glory
Find your favourite fragrance to feel better – because our sense of smell is crucial to survival
Séamas O’Reilly
Dear Mariella
Sunday with...

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