The Observer Magazine - 22 Nov 2020

Table of content - The Observer Magazine (22 Nov 2020)

Who’s talking
Phoebe Weston
The dilemma
Icing on the cake
Eva Wiseman
31 Notebook
Crunch time
Trump card
Fabric of life
12 For the common good
Nigel Slater
30 In the pink
Interiors True colours
Jay Rayner
This much I know
Covid clichés are the new email currency. Strange times indeed
From the archive
One more thing…
TIkhmnisou wch
‘I think Trump has bigger fish to fry than me’
‘I think Trump has bigger fish to fry than me’
All the pretty horses
All the pretty horses
Pieces of me
A zesty fish dish and the sweet scent of baking apples
Halibut with yogurt and spring onions
The ice-cream melts slowly over the fruit, forming a blissful, applescented puddle in our dishes
Nigel’s midweek dinner
With its big flavours and easy versatility, the Tramshed will nourish you in all the ways you need
Notes on chocolate
Wines of the week
La vie en rose: pink shades for perky eyes
I can’t do without...
On my radar
Trend watch Take a leap with this season’s jumpsuits
Get the hang of it
The bright side
For easy homegrown treats, plant fruit trees
Plot 29
For many, baking is therapeutic. But is cooking along with Bake Off really such a good idea?
Chocolate week
Séamas O’Reilly
Chocolate week
Dear Mariella
Sunday with...

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