The Guardian - Supplement - 30 Oct 2021

Table of content - The Guardian - Supplement (30 Oct 2021)

Glasgow 2021 has to be the moment when the promise of the deal reached in Paris in 2015 becomes real – history will not forgive us otherwise The time for prevarication is over
On the frontline 16 From Russia to India, how people are having to adapt their lives now Cop trumps Test your knowledge: which countries produce most emissions?
Explainer What does Cop mean? Plus your other key questions answered
Rebecca Solnit How far we have come and how much further we have to go
‘I still have hope’
What is Cop26 and why does it matter?
Daily schedule Those crucial meetings to watch out for
Last chance.
Data watch Global crisis told in charts
Far more scrutiny
Local communities
Lift-off for hydrogen
And yet ... Reasons to be cheerful
The centre of gravity of global emissions
Constant emissions for eight years will use up the remaining carbon budget Starting mitigation in 2026 would require far higher rates in reduction of emissions
More wood, less concrete
Investor action
Wind and sun
Plants and insects
Manufacturing Recycling and AI
Living on the frontline of global heating
‘The summers are becoming unbearable’
‘Environmental defenders are being killed’
‘God is punishing humanity through climate change’
‘I wouldn’t wish it upon any parent’
The Arctic to the tropics
We’re still on a superhighway past 2C – time to shift gear

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