The Observer Magazine - 22 Jan 2023

Table of content - The Observer Magazine (22 Jan 2023)

Work less, live more…
No holds barred I Hate Suzie’s Leila Farzad on acting, pain and the freedom of being able to speak her mind
Nigel Slater Sumptuous onion soup and earthy Jerusalem artichoke couscous
Urban chic From Bath to York, stay at a townhouse with a restorative view
Work in progress How the four-day week could radically change our lives
Notebook Stylish sportswear
Lauren John Joseph
Rosalind Donoghue
Photographer Simon Lipman
Madonna and child How art helped a mother cope with breastfeeding troubles
As good as yours Art, rugs and plants to make a rented home your own
“I’m about to turn 40 and I can’t bear it.” Plus, Sunday with Charlie Higson
Barely there Perfecting the natural look. Plus, a skin-smoothing serum
Eva Wiseman How wild swimming got out of its depth. Plus, the archive
Gardens Water works Getting to grips with hydroponics for houseplants
Just the three of us Would our friendship survive having the same lover?
Jay Rayner High praise for Climat. Plus, wines for a “Damp January”
This much I know Baz Luhrmann
Eva Wiseman
From the archive
One more thing…
This much I know
Time to bin the five-day week?
Time to bin the five-day week?
‘To hell with being sweet and affable’
‘To hell with being sweet and affable’
Triangle of sadness
Food & drink Nigel Slater
I added chewy balls of steamed mograbia and felt safe and warm in the comfort of carbs
Nigel’s midweek treat Banana hazelnut shortbread
Eight floors up in an office block, Climat takes Manchester’s buzzy restaurant scene to new heights
Wines of the week
Notes on chocolate
Getting back on the bike
Getting back on the bike
Shape up in colourful sports gear that you can rely on
A natural look to brighten up January days
I can’t do without...
On my radar
New lease of life
Time to dip a toe into quirky hydroponics
Stuck at home in London, happy plants keep me company.
Talk of the town
When I struggled with breastfeeding, ancient images of motherhood helped me feel less isolated
Séamas O’reilly
Ask Philippa
Sunday with...

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