The Observer Magazine VCID - 19 Mar 2023

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What’s it like waking up as Britain’s hottest star? James Norton on life after Happy Valley
14 Universe challenge
7 Eva Wiseman
10 A little rest?
Food & drink
Ask Philippa
36 Nordic nostalgia
35 Capital assets
32 Blooming marvellous
31 Fresh scents
Eva Wiseman
From the archive
One more thing…
This much I know
‘I was given a hand of aces’ After his stellar performance in Happy Valley, James Norton is taking on another dark and gruelling role, this time on stage. Despite being one of the world’s most sought-after actors, he talks to Tim Lewis about his terror of
‘There’s a voice in my head going why would you do that? Be normal’
Baffled by black holes? Exasperated by evolution? Confused by quantum theory? Science writer Marcus Chown breaks down the mysteries of the universe into manageable chunks we can get our heads around
At first no one realised that black holes would be blindingly bright
A herby soup and lentil balls to soak up the last larder essentials
In the deep freeze, I find peas to make a soup, whose bright notes fill us with hope for the new season
Chef Claude Bosi’s touch can be felt at Socca in Mayfair but, sadly, some details fail to hit the spot
Wines of the week
Notes on chocolate
Double denim
Hiking trainers
Pyjama party
Art prints
Dopamine colours
Dare to bare
10 of the best
Berlin boltholes
A trip to my mother’s native Sweden helped me recapture my childhood – and love for her country
Séamas O’reilly
Ask Philippa
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